About Tommie Barkley

Tommie Barkley is the Host Of TBARS Sound From Heaven Live Telecast and is the Senior Pastor and founding Apostle of the Sound From Heaven(SFH)iChurch And is the CEO/President of SoundCity Crisis Channel Network .Apostle Barkley ministers to his followers through his flagship telecast “Sound From Heaven Live” featuring The Prophet’s In The Press Room Segment which airs on his Roku Tv Channel and on local tv networks.

In July 1978, Tommie experienced a heavenly visitation where he met Jesus & was anointed with a prophetic call for this generation. The Lord touched Tommie a second time to pray for healing for the sick and afflicted with signs and wonders.The Lord’s third touch blessed Rev.Barkley with the gift of prophecy particularly in the area of world events and providing clarity and direction for believers.Tommie’s unique call and passion for souls touched Houston,Texas in a special way, with the inception of the Real Rock Church and Drug Reform Home. In the 1980’s the church and drug home birthed a spiritual revival that lasted for three years with ministry going 24/7 and receiving local and national news coverage on major news networks! The ministry helped lower the crime rate in Houston and helped over 5,000 men, women and young adults get set free from a life of crime and the horrors of drugs and alcohol addiction.

Apostle Barkley studied Electronic Communications at Elkins Institute and graduated from Houston Community College Local 716 Union Electrician JATC program as a Journeyman Electrician.Apostle Barkley Received his Doctorate of Divinity from Mt.Carmel School of Religion.He is the author of the book “The Last Seven Days” which reveals prophetic truths about coming events concerningAmerica.Tommies first major movie “Get Connected” is a powerful pro-life action drama that is setting women free across America.